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Licensed K-12 Art Educator

 My gifts as an art teacher include clear and precise direction, encouragement and inspiration. I help my students achieve technique, problem solve and recognize their unique artistic vision.  My hope is to give them confidence and skill sets to continue on a creative journey.



I love working with clay because it gives me the opportunity to express myself as a craftsman through form and as a painter through design and color. When I am working I feel joy as I connect to my creativity, nature and God. I also like to imagine the person who may be drinking their coffee out of one of my mugs and I feel honored to be apart of their daily experiences.  By individualizing my pieces each one is unique and keeps the collection vibrant. I think of my work as a garden; growing, alive, fresh and beautiful.


I am inspired by art of the 19th century and nature. My goals include educating my community through art, teaching and exhibiting my work in museums. 

I love teaching and doing commissions. For more information please email me.

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Jodi Sommer Ceramics